At Road Transport Expo we aim to reduce our carbon emissions from the event as much as possible, from sustainably sourced catering on site to reusable signage. With travel to and from the event typically being the largest source of emissions from live events, we are working with the charity ecolibrium to tackle these impacts.

The Road Transport Expo team are aiming to reduce and offset their travel emissions to and from the event. We would like to encourage you to do the same by travelling to the event as sustainably as possible and giving you the option to balance unavoidable emissions through ecolibrium’s climate solutions programmes. Why not catch the train to Leamington Spa or carpool with your colleagues?

You can balance your travel emissions through ecolibrium’s online Travel Carbon Calculator.

Simply fill out the form to work out your exact emissions and balance them with a donation. Choose to channel your donations to the Energy Revolution programme, which invests in projects that create clean renewable energy or to Trees+ which supports ecosystem restoration and preservation.

ecolibrium is a live events industry response to the climate crisis – a community of events, festivals, suppliers, artists and music companies taking action to reduce travel impacts and invest in climate solutions. Since 2015, ecolibrium has worked with over 100 members to balance the carbon emissions from over 19 million travel miles. They provide resources, tools, advice and inspiration to reduce travel emissions and invest in climate solutions – supporting ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy generation.

Visit ecolibrium’s website to find out more