Knowledge Zone

In 2023, the Knowledge Zone seminar programme covered a diverse range of important industry topics, including safety and fleet compliance, decarbonisation, and upcoming business challenges. See below a summary of the topics covered on each day of the show. 

Wednesday 28 June

Transport Compliance Briefings, brought to you by Logistics UK
This engaging and informative session brought delegates up-to-date with the latest regulations and policies affecting HGV operators. It provided operators with an opportunity to hear from a range of industry experts to help them keep their business safe, compliant and efficient.

Download the speaker presentations here.

 ‘Gearing Up For Change’ brought to you by SMUK

This session explored how technology can help benefit businesses, with speakers from Brigade Electronics, DVSA, LMP Legal, Lockton Insurance Brokers, Road Safety Smart, Webfleet, and Wheely Safe. 

Download the speaker presentations here

Thursday 29 June

The Road to Net Zero

Thursday's session focused on the industry’s journey towards a net-zero-carbon future, from the position today, to the government’s ambitious targets to phase out sales of new diesel trucks. Visitors heard from well-known HGV operators about their own experiences with the latest alternative fuels and cleaner ways to deliver goods. The session also included panel discussions on charging and refuelling infrastructure and the future of truck technology.

Download the speaker presentations here

Friday 30 June
Friday's session saw the revealing of brand-new industry research which focused on the key challenges facing operators for the year ahead. Visitors saw a lively on-stage debate with panellists drawn from the Road Haulage Association, Motor Transport and Asset Alliance. 

Download the speaker presentations here.

Stay tuned for the 2024 Knowledge Zone programme.